A record decline is the unemployment rate in the United States


The unemployment rate in the United States fell again last month to 4.1%, its lowest level since 2000, as employment rates recovered following the strong hurricanes that hit the United States during August and last October, data from the US Department of Labor showed Friday.

The unemployment rate in September was 4.4% and in October last year 4.8%. The unemployment rate is based on the monthly survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for American households, and has been steadily declining since it reached its highest level in 2009.

A separate survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which includes business owners, showed a surge in job growth last October, with 261,000 new jobs created in a month.

The number of new jobs added last September was only 18,000, with the aftermath of hurricane in Texas last August and Hurricane Erma in Florida last September.


التصنيفات :Universal News Portal


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